We are Hiring: Information for Applicants Outside of Canada

we are hiring immigrate to canadaOur software company requires some potential employees for working with our great company. There are many benefits that all employees can get from our firm. We always want to provide the best benefits for all employees who perform well in their daily activities.

Here are some requirements that we want to look from our potential employees:

  1. Be responsible with all tasks
  2. Has at least 5 years of experience in working with any types of applications
  3. Should be familiar with some basic computer skills, document processing programs, and some other useful skills
  4. Willing to work in British Columbia, Canada, especially Vancouver
  5. Is able to work under pressure to perform well in the company
  6. Can work with other team members professionally
  7. Has some training experiences in this industry

They are some requirements that people should have when they want to apply for this position. We want to invite all potential customers to visit our company for getting the interview session. Therefore, all applicants should put their personal information, including full name, email address, address, telephone, and some other information correctly. Our professional HRD (Human Resource Development) members are going to contact some potential employees to make an appointment for having the interview sessions.

Why Should People Live in British Columbia, Canada?

There are many people who are interested to stay in this area. This area becomes very popular among many Canadians. It is believed to be one of the most famous areas in this country – we recommend talking to a good immigration lawyer here in Vancouver (or if you want to commute in Surrey, Victoria, or Richmond), and you can go to bcjusticereviewforum.ca to find one. There are many great cities that are located in this province. Vancouver is considered as the most popular city in this province. People can see a lot of great things in this area. British Columbia is claimed as the best tourist destination in Canada these days. Many tourists are interested to visit this area to enjoy some great tourist destinations in this place.

This place also offers great area for living. It has proper education system that is specially created for all children who live in this province. Canada is very famous for its education system. People don’t have to worry about the education for their children when they move to this area. There are a lot of great schools, including public or private schools that are available for all children who live in this area. People can choose the best school that is suitable for their children easily. Most schools usually have good reputation among many parents and all students these days.

They are some benefits that are offered by this area. It is not difficult to immigrate to British Columbia, Canada. Our company can help all recruited employees in this immigration process – again, if you don’t want to live right downtown, a good booming community called Surrey will be a great place, just have a look through to find the best attorney to help you with your immigration at bcjusticereviewforum.ca/immigration-lawyer-surrey/. All employees can immigrate to this province via the economic-class application. This type of application is specially created for all skilled workers who are planning to work in any companies in Canada. With our letter of recommendation, all recruited employees should be able to immigrate to Canada easily without any hassles. This is another reason why people have to apply for our available positions in our company.

Contact us to learn more and to apply.

Software as a Service: SaaS Explained

19805866_sSaaS stands for Software as a Service. The term describes software applications that can be accessed over the internet through any cloud service. These applications are hosted in the cloud – a term describing cyber space, or more specifically, they run on the servers of the particular Saas provider. They do not require additional hardware or installation and the users can save their work in the cloud as well. The Saas approach is used very widely and is part of our everyday lives. Such applications include all social media, Google, Twitter, Facebook etc. Other examples of Saas are webmail and instant messaging. Saas applications are often referred to as Web-based, hosted or on-demand software.

Saas applications can be used for a wide range of tasks by either individual users or organizations. Companies and their users can benefit highly from Saas, as they can cover many of their needs, such as planning, performance monitoring, sales tracking, accounting, invoicing, communications and many more. And it can all be done by any device with internet access. The case with traditional software is purchasing it upfront, installing it to a computer that sometimes has to have specific hardware requirements and limit its use to the number of users allowed by the provider. Support is usually an additional cost. Saas resembles renting the software instead of buying it, without having to deal with hardware management and installation. The provider gives subscribers access to the application and manages updates, security and performance.

This has a number of advantages especially for organizations. Using a Saas application significantly reduces hardware costs, as the required processing power is provided by the server. There is no set up cost; the moment the user subscribes, the applications are ready to use. Furthermore, there is no need to pay for the entire software. Users can ‘rent’ a specific application for as long as they need it, instead of paying for a whole package. This goes for any additional services, which can be accessed on demand, such as more storage. A very important reason why Saas is ideal for businesses is that it can be accessed by any internet enabled device, for example from phones or tablets used by people on the go. It is accessible from anywhere there is internet connection. In many cases, the supplier provides a customer with the possibility of customizing applications to meet their particular needs. And finally, as mentioned above, the updates are automated and support is available by the server provider.

The most popular business use of Saas is with office software. It can be subscribed to and accessed in an office with a username and a password and enable employees to perform all the tasks required. On the other hand, each employee can subscribe individually and access only the applications they need according to their post, which can be particularly helpful for large firms. In any case, it is beginning to show that Saas is the software of the future.

The NEW Hyperion Software Wants To Hear From You!

You now have the chance to ask one of the best software companies to develop a software product that you think it would meet your company’s needs in the most effective and productive way.

The Hyperion Solutions Corporation is a software company formed by the merger of a couple of large software services in the mid 2000s. As with most other companies like this, the location of California creates a great draw for prospective employees. The company has a long tradition in business performance management.

Most of its products target the market of Business Intelligence (BI). The BI market suppliers are categorized into two groups: the four major vendors, which include Hyperion, SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos and of course Microsoft BI, while the second group refers to independent vendors.

The largest are MicroStrategy, SAS and QlikView. A specialized field of the BI market is group consolidation that is addressed to finance users. The most popular software in this area is Microsoft Excel. However, Hyperion does things like application examples that support more complex consolidation requirements.

Some acclaimed IB surveys, such as the Gartner’s BI Magic Quadrant, have placed Hyperion software within the best Business Intelligence Platforms and Corporate Performance Management.

Hyperion’s current software products include: Essbase, Hyperion Intelligence and SQR Production Reporting, Hyperion Enterprise, Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Strategic Finance, Hyperion Financial Data Management, Hyperion Performance Scorecard, Hyperion Business Modelling, Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Master Data Management, Hyperion Financial Reporting, Hyperion Web Analysis, Hyperion SmartView, Hyperion EPM Workspace, Hyperion System 9 BI+, which is a combination of Interactive Reporting, Web Analysis, SQR, EPM Workspace, Financial Reporting and SmartView and finally the Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management.

In 2007, Oracle Corporation announced that it is acquiring Hyperion Solution Corporation for the amount of 3.3 billion USD in cash. As of then, Hyperion operates as a subsidiary of Oracle, developing and selling Oracle Hyperion products. Oracle is now reorienting its strategy, offering business solutions that work with various information sources, instead of Oracle only environments, which was the case so far. It focuses on multi-faceted products that offer a complete, a fully integrated Enterprise Performance Management System that covers from planning, finance, BI features, reporting, to data and operation analysis and many more. However, the company is in constant pursue of the ultimate business software and no one knows the prerequisites of such a software better than an everyday user.

So visit www.oracle.com today and get in touch with one of the best-known software providers to dictate the product they should design. Think big and put their efficiency to the test.

This Hyperion Software website is a brand new iteration with absolutely no connection to the old company at this domain. We are looking to start off on a fresh footing, and so now that you know the history and understand the progress of this name (to help avoid confusion in the future!), you can get busy getting to know us, the new, unrelated company. We’re looking for a big challenge to get people talking and using our service. Enter your details in the contact form and we will choose someone to make a software product for!