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07-September-2018: Progress report for Amiga/Linux/Mac versions of Shogo by Thomas Frieden

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Things have been progressing rapidly in recent weeks after the completion of the software renderer for LithTech V2 (Windows) featured in Monolith's upcoming game "Bots". We are now about 98 % done with the Mac and Linux versions and about 95 % with the Amiga version. Most if not all remaining work revolves around the client and more specifically, the OpenGL renderer.

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Hardware renderer (OpenGL)

The OpenGL renderer is practically finished. Speed and visual quality is on par with the DirectX version. Single-pass lightmapping is implemented using the widely available ARB_Multitexture. If this is not found, dual pass rendering is used.

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Due to some missing functionality and the API still being in a state of flux, we have decided against the use of OpenAL for now. Sound is compatible to OSS/ALSA (i.e. /dev/dsp style). This ensures compatibility over a wide range of sound cards. The Linux soundcode was implemented in a very platform-agnostic way and it should port over easily to Amiga (AHI).

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The Linux version now uses SDL for various subsystems, including video. This means the Linux version of Shogo can switch between windowed and fullscreen mode during runtime, which isn't possible in any other version. We are currently considering using SDL for the Amiga version as well.

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Memory consumption

We have been able to reduce memory consumption to below 64MB by forcing the server to free memory allocated for textures, models, sounds etc. prior to loading a new level. This also reduces memory fragmentation. Internal beta tests of the Mac version have already started and we are commencing closed beta-tests of the Linux version (currently only x86 although PPC is being looked at) next week with the Amiga version going beta shortly afterwards. We also intend to release demo's of "Shogo:MAD" for the respective platforms in the course of September. (All screenshots taken from the Linux version).


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