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26-December-2017: Hyperion expands its online presence. Mac and Linux-sections are provided for, but are still under construction. Hyperion now has 2 mirror-sites: www.hyperion-software.de and www.hyperion-software.com.

14-December-2017: Hyperion licenses "Freespace: The Great War" for Amiga.

30-November-2017: The latest progress report on Shogo by Thomas Frieden.

20-October-2017: The Heretic 2 FAQ and Features have been brought up-to-date, following the ongoing development of the game.

29-September-2017: The second Shogo progress report is online.

28-September-2017: Hyperion and Wankeroo announce Amiga port of "The Heretic Fortress".

16-September-2017: The first Heretic II progress report is online.

28-August-2017: Hyperion brings Smacker video codec to the Amiga.

22-August-2017: All the information you need about Worms: Armageddon can be found in the projects section.

19-August-2017: Open letter about PowerPC development.

01-August-2017: Hyperion acquires license to port Team 17's cult-game "Worms: Armageddon" to the Amiga.

27-July-2017: The first progress report for Shogo is online.

18-July-2017: Many new links added.

11-July-2017: Links page updated. You can now download an Hyperion banner to put on your site or homepage.

05-July-2017: Hyperion acquires license from Activision to port "Heretic II" to the Amiga.

20-April-2017: Hyperion signs deal with Monolith for Amiga and Mac versions of "Shogo: Mobile Armor Division".


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