News: 23-July-2018: "The Siege" add-on for Heretic II released

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The Siege is - like The Heretic Fortress - a pure Multiplayer add-on for Heretic II. This game is about a "Siege", where one party plays the attackers and one party plays the defenders. There are catapults and ballistas, the king's castle and the crown and other nice things. There are also character classes like wizards, fighters and clerics.

When you start the game, a server has already been entered into your Heretic II addressbook, so you can immediately play over the Internet. Of course you can also play over a local server with friends. Amiga players can play on PC servers and vice versa.

"The Siege" is quite memory-hungry and "without tricks" it needs around 96 MB RAM. There are some hints in the readme on how to get the RAM-needs down. It requires the full version of Heretic II installed. It also includes a binary update of The Heretic Fortress which results into a noticable speedup of THF.

Please note that "The Siege" is a freeware add-on and is not officially supported by Hyperion Entertainment. More information on "The Siege" is available at Soon you'll probably find extra maps for "The Siege"on this page.

An installer script is included in the download.


Follow these steps to get "The Siege":

1. Download "The Siege" add-on for Heretic II (1.7 MB) (also includes an update for "The Heretic Fortress"):

2. Download "The Siege" data files:

Aminet gateway: look for game/shoot/siege_data.lha (12 MB - already converted for Amiga; consult the readme file in the archive)

If you have a PC you can convert the file yourself, should you wish to do so. Download the original The Siege datafiles from Raven Games.


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