News: 17-July-2018: Heretic II update available for download

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This update fixes some annoying bugs in the original release of Heretic II. The following things changed:

In the original version saving the game did cause a crash at some places under certain circumstances (for example Andoria Plaza), this is now fixed.
Some people had problems with the CD-ROM code. This is fixed.
Some people could only start the game every second time. This is fixed.
Some people experienced delays having to do with the CD-ROM code sometimes. This is fixed.
In the ref_gl.dll a debug output was remaining, which caused slowdowns in some scenes. This was removed.
Updated Heretic II Troubleshooting and Tweaking document. For more detailed information please refer to the documentation included in the download.

At this point we also want to announce, that a port of the Multiplayer-Addon "The Siege" of Heretic II is in progress. We would also like to thank the author of The Siege (The ShadowLord) for doing an Amiga Version. You can find more information on the Siege Homepage.

Have fun with the update!


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