News: 07-May-2018: Titan and Hyperion bring "Alien Nations" from Jowood to the Amiga.

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Titan and Hyperion are pleased to announce that they will be bringing "Alien Nations" ("Die Völker") to the Amiga after Titan succesfully negotiated a license for an Amiga port from the Austrian developer Jowood.

Alien Nations is a real-time strategy game in the vein of "The Settlers", which was enthusiastically received by the German speaking public and press. The game is set on an alien planet inhabited by three very distinct races: the Pimmons, the Amazons and the Sajikis and features campaigns consisting of 10 single player missions per race, set against a giant 3D back-drop. Resource-management, diplomacy, research, commerce and battle are key to success. The Amiga version will most likely require a graphics card and will support PPC accelerators through WarpOS although the feasibility of a 68060 version will be examined. Optional 3D acceleration will be supported through Warp3D. Release is expected during Q3 of 2018.

"We are very pleased to be able to extend our Amiga line-up to include a RTS-game.", says Ben Hermans, managing partner of Hyperion. "With this deal, our relationship with Titan has entered a new stage, with Titan acquiring the license for Mac and Amiga and Hyperion doing the actual Amiga port. It's a model we hope to repeat in the future."

More information on Alien Nations coming soon.

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