News: 20-April-2018: Hyperion releases Heretic II Demo.

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Hyperion is proud to announce the release of the Heretic II Demo. This demo is intended to let you have a glimpse at what the game has to offer. To purchase the full version, visit

Since this is a large download of approximately 41 MB, here's the list of system requirements:

PPC Amiga with WarpOS 4.0 or better
64 MB of main memory
70 MB harddisk space
AGA or Graphics board (graphics board recommended)
For 3D acceleration: Warp3D-compatible card, Warp3D V3 (Permedia-Based card HIGHLY recommended)

The archive is 41 MB in size, packed with LHA. To install, just unpack it to some place on your hard drive, and double-click the "Run_HereticII" icon.

The full game will be released soon!


Download Heretic II demo (41 MB) from one of these locations:
Local server
Aminet gateway (5 smaller files for easier downloading)


Download the fix for the first version of the demo. All current versions (links from above) don't require the fix.

Demo fix (4.5 KB) ... This file was accidently truncated in the first version of the demo. Download it if you are having trouble with it. The fix is not required for the new version of the demo (see above).


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