News: 16-April-2018: Hyperion releases MiniGL technology to the Amiga developer community.

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Hyperion is pleased to announce the release of it's MiniGL technology to the Amiga developer community. Unlike Mesa, MiniGL provides only a subset of the OpenGL API which allows for substantially faster performance than Mesa. MiniGL technology (which requires Warp3D for its operation) was succesfully deployed in Hyperion's Amiga conversion of Heretic II and will also be used in future projects such as SiN, Shogo: MAD and Freespace.

MiniGL is hereby released with full source-code and can be incorporated into commercial and non-commercial projects subject to the following restrictions:

MiniGL may only be compiled for/ incorporated in code running on AmigaOS. All other rights reserved. This applies only to MiniGL, not to your application, i.e. It's OK to port the application to another platform using OpenGL.

The functional source-code of all and any modifications and improvements must be made publically available to the Amiga developer community.



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