Heretic II: FAQ

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Is there a troubleshooting / performance tweaking guide for Amiga Heretic II?

Yes, there is: right here.


Is there a 68K version of Heretic II?

Even on an overclocked 060/66 and after extensive assembly optimisation the software renderer version proved too slow. With 3D hardware acceleration the same system can on occassion reach 20 fps regardless of the resolution. The calculation of the geometry however regularly proves too much for even an overclocked 060.


Will Heretic II run on AGA?

The AGA version already runs at acceptable speed on PPC.


How much memory do I need to run Heretic 2?

At least 64MB, but more is recommended.


Does Heretic 2 support the PSX port so Playstation controllers can be used?



Will there be an Amiga NG version of Heretic II?

An Amiga NG version is still under review.


Are there multi-player servers for Heretic II?

Yes. Check


When will Heretic II be released?

Q2 of 2018.


Are there already Amiga screenshots available?

Yes. Check the progress report.


Where can I get more information about Heretic II?

Check or


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