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Is it true Hyperion only supports PPC equipped Amigas?

No. Our stated goal is to bring high-end games to the Amiga. If it turns out these will only run on PPC systems, we are not to blame. However, we always investigate the possibility of a 68K version. Same goes for AGA support. We believe people who invested in expensive hardware should be able to get the most out of it. That's why we support PPC, graphicsboards, soundcards and ethernetcards.


Why does Hyperion only port old PC games?

Whilst it is true that we have licensed some titles from December 1998, we do not limit ourselves to older games, as will become apparent in the next few weeks. Titles like Shogo, Heretic 2 and SiN were chosen for a reason. First of all, it should be remembered that the current Amiga PPC hardware is already two-three years old and that it will be hard-pressed to keep up with state of the art PC games. Secondly, we prefer to port older, quality titles rather than newer games nobody will remember six months down the road. Finally, it should be remembered that most of the time there is period of many weeks and usually even months between the time a title is released on the PC and the time it is actually finished and the last patch is made available.


Will Hyperion support new Amiga hardware based operating systems not developed by the Amiga Corporation?

The answer is simple: no. Leaving aside considerations such as further market fragmentation which would lead to sharply reduced sales in the Amiga market and the fact that we would need to rebuild our code-base, we want to make it clear, once and for all, that licenses are tied to a specific operating system, not to a specific hardware platform. If it were otherwise, we would just get a license for PPC and we could port for any OS running on PPC including MacOS, AmigaOS, Linux PPC, Beos etc. In reality our license agreements limit the scope of our rights to AmigaOS meaning ports for AROS, PowerOS, MorphOS, Neutrino/QNX etc. are LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE and would require prior re-negotiation of our license agreements. We would think it highly doubtful that large entertainment software companies would even consider this without very substantial upfront royalty payments which would be impossible to recuperate due to low sales. Obviously, the new Amiga OS based on Elate IS covered by our existing license agreements as it is an OS developed and marketed by the Amiga Corporation. We therefore can and will support the new Amiga OS.


What is Hyperion's relationship with "Digital Images"?

Digital Images and Hyperion are two separate entities. However, we keep in close contact and inform each other of all important developments.


Will Hyperion support the Amiga NG?

The Amiga NG looks promising. However, we can't speculate at this point about a machine we do not have access to.


Is it true Hyperion also develops for Mac and/or Linux?

Yes, we occassionally acquire rights for other platforms if it turns out to be profitable. The Amiga platform is however our prime concern.


Will Hyperion develop new games or will the company limit itself to doing ports?

Right now our focus is on doing ports of high-quality PC titles that have not been ported to Amiga, Mac or Linux. If the Amiga NG turns out to be a success, we might consider original game development.


Why is Hyperion able to get all these licenses where other Amiga companies usually fail to do so?

A combination of legal expertise, money and professional coders.


What is your connection to other Hyperion companies?



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