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09-January-2019: New Shogo demo available.

08-January-2019: Shogo MAD for Mac now shipping!!!

14-September-2018: Subscribe to our support mailing list.

14-September-2018: Hyperion releases Shogo demo for Mac.

07-September-2018: The latest Shogo progress report for Amiga/Linux/Mac by Thomas Frieden.

11-June-2018: Hyperion signs Soldier of Fortune for Amiga and Mac.

31-May-2018: Another Shogo progress report by Axel Deising.

02-April-2018: The first Shogo progress report by Axel Deising.

05-February-2018: The Linux and Mac sub-sites are online as of today!

20-April-2017: Hyperion signs deal with Monolith for Amiga and Mac versions of "Shogo: Mobile Armor Division".



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